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Gutter Sentry

Gutter Sentry diagram

The unique patented design of Gutter Sentry turns your average gutter in to a complete box design providing unequaled strength against bending, twisting and crushing.

Gutter Sentry diagram

The Gutter Sentry perforation system gives unequaled drainage, the 1/8th inch perforations are condensed to 20 perforations per square inch to allow the highest water drainage possible, more than 4x the heaviest precipitations world wide.

Remember, clogged eavestroughs are worse for your home than no eavestroughs at all. Use Gutter Sentry to eliminate a wide array of problems.

  • Eavestroughs damaged by ice. Helps prevent freezing rain and ice from accumulating keeping your eavestrough in perfect working condition year after year.
  • Damaged Landscaping. Clogged and overflowing eavestrough can accelerate soil erosion which will damage flowers and trees near the house.
  • West Nile Virus. Mosquitos, which carry the West Nile virus will breed in stagnant and dirty water. The Gutter Sentry cover also protects you from Wasp nests, Bird nests, and other critters from inhabiting your gutters.
  • Rotting Fascia and Soffits. With clogged eavestroughs, water overflows and seeps between the eavestrough and the fascia board. This causes the fascia boards to rot and may even spread rot to your soffits.
  • Frozen sidewalks and driveway. During cold weather, overflowing eavestroughs may leave a layer of ice on your sidewalks and driveway, causing it to be dangerous to walk outside your home.
  • Foundations damaged by water and ice. Water from poorly maintained eavestroughs will not drain properly and will collect near your home’s foundation. As water freezes it may cause damage to your foundation lead to flooding.
20 perforations per square inch to allow the highest water drainage possible, more than 4x the heaviest precipitations world wide.

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Gutter Sentry Features

Gutter Sentry diagram
  1. Gutter Sentry is made from a heavier gauge aluminum, there is no substitute for strength.
  2. The unique Gutter Sentry design allows a snap fit over any conventional gutter.
  3. The mounting holes are spaced 2.5 inches apart allowing you to start and finish any install equally and perfectly.
  1. The angular surfaces allow for large debris to sit higher on the surface, this allows wind and weather to push the debris from the Gutter Sentry so your gutter needs minimal maintenance.
  2. Gutter Sentry have the highest drainage of any gutter cover on the market today, more than twice the competition.
Gutter Sentry diagram
Gutter Sentry diagram
  1. The spacing between the rows of holes acts as a hangar, giving direct strength to the cover equal to 1 hangar per 5 inches.
  2. The unique and patented "football" design allows Gutter Sentry to fit over any lip easily and effieciently. The drainage holes within the "football" allow continued drainage.
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