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Welcome to DrainGuard Products

Welcome to Drainguard We’ve been building innovative gutter solving products for over 25 years. Our products lines begin with protecting your gutter from large amounts of debris, to increasing water flow within the gutter and finally protecting your perimeter drain from large debris build up.

The Gutter Sentry cover line of products can either be applied to a new gutter installation or an existing one.

We have many products exclusively designed for the leafguard market aswell as other well known gutter brands. No gutter system on the market today is complete without our innovative products.

leaves-multiOur line of specialty funnels to fit any gutter, open the flow of rainwater without any blockages that you would have with a conventional outlet.The Drainguard product range fits any downpipe, providing added piece of mind in avoiding costly drain repairs over the life of your home.

How We Do Things

We here at Drainguard Products do things a little differently, We ship to save you money. Large quantity orders are freighted, Small quantities are handled with Loomis (Canada) and UPS (US)
Call for current freight / shipping quotes. +1 250 951 2026

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